Alumni Spotlight

Alumni talk about their professions, their favorite Miami experiences, and more.

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Katie Lehmann

photo of Katie Lehmann(Class of 2012)

At Miami, I learned from extraordinary professors and mentors, and they instilled in me a desire to work hard and push myself to reach my goals. I also learned that the Miami network is extensive, which one of my professors utilized to help me land my first job.

See what Katie had to say about her profession as a petroleum geologist.

Commander Jeffrey Betz

photo of Commander Jeffrey Betz(Class of 2001)

As a college student, your life is filled with opportunities, and you have so many things that you can do next. That's a great place to be! It may sound something like what you'd read in a Hallmark card, but in a lot of ways it's true. Being equipped with that Miami degree makes the whole world open to you — you can really go out and do anything that you want when you leave here.

See what Commander Betz had to say about his profession as a Surface Warfare Officer in the United States Navy.

Tony Albrecht

photo of Tony Albrecht(Class of 2003)

Developing relationships has always been one of the biggest rewards. At Miami, I worked closely with professors and built mentorships, and this helped accelerate my learning and hone in on what I was passionate about in geology and geophysics.

Read what Tony had to say about his profession as a senior geologist.