2 female students work construction at Over-the-Rhine rehab site
 A group of students pose around a window of an Over-the-Rhine building
 John Blake gives instructions to the students as he stands near a framed wall
 Students are seen behind framing in an Over-the-Rhine building
 John Blake lifts a project model for Over-the-Rhine
 Construction plans are laid out on a table. Other items include a Miami lanyard and assorted construction tools

Programs are offered in Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine and Lower Price Hill neighborhoods.

Over-the-Rhine Residency (open to all majors)

The Over-the-Rhine Residency Program is open to all majors and provides the unique opportunity to participate in a for-credit, semester-long residential immersion program in the Over-the-Rhine Community. And we’ve expanded into Lower Price Hill. While being a full-time student, participants serve at non-profit organizations, may work on buildings as part of the Design/Build Studio, teach in neighborhood schools, and engage directly with local residents, leaders, and politicians.

Fall Residency

Junior and senior students interested in serving the community through an alternative classroom experience are encouraged to apply for the program. The program’s flexibility allows students to customize their experience to help them climb towards career and life goals. Learn more about the Fall program

Application Process

Your application includes these three things:

  • A one-page letter of introduction that explains why you want to be in the Program and what you hope to gain from it.
  • The names and contact information of two people who can act as a reference for you. There is no need for letters of reference—just email addresses and phone numbers are needed. One of your references must be a professor.
  • A copy of your DAR.

Deadline: TBD


After you submit an application with these components, we will contact you for on-campus interviews.


John Blake, 513-330-1712

Miami's Over-the-Rhine Partnership

View of the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood in Cincinnati, OHListed on the National Register of Historic Places, Over-the-Rhine is Cincinnati’s oldest neighborhood. It is also the poorest; its residents are predominantly people of color; and it was the site of racial unrest in 2001.

Since 1981, the Department of Architecture's Center for Community Engagement has established collaborations between Miami University and community groups in Over-the-Rhine. The Center’s mission is twofold. First, it collaborates with and assists community-based organizations in alleviating poverty and resisting displacement. Second, it develops an academic setting that includes service-learning in an unfamiliar socio-cultural context. The goal is to enhance social, political, and economic awareness in this controversial urban setting.

Based upon our long-term relationship with the Over-the-Rhine People’s Movement, the Center has developed four practices: Design/Build, Agit-Props, Community Assistance, and Community Advocacy. All focus on promoting democratic, equitable development strategies for low-income, workers, families, and people of color.