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Featured Videos

Channel 12 Spotlight: Venice Pizza Design Build
MUTV Spotlight
Oxford Week in Review Spotlight
WECT FOCUS Interviews Tom Dutton
Channel 12 LOCAL Interviews Tom Dutton


Fall 2013 - Over-the-Rhine Residency Program Student Documentary, Meili Price, Class of 2013
Tom Dutton - History and purpose of MUCCE in Over-the-Rhine Creative Mornings, Cincinnati
Experiencing Over-The-Rhine, A Semester Immersed, Class of 2012
The Over-the-Rhine Residency Program, Barbara Wolf 
10th Anniversary Celebration, Kelsey Hillebrand
Ten Years In for the Center for Community Engagement, Kelsey Hillebrand
Student Testimony on Community Engagement, Anna Chifala
Begin Hope, Brittany Drapac

Student Interviews

Peter Gray, Architecture, Resident, Fall 2009
Amy Danielsons, Architecture, Resident, Fall 2009
Andreya Veintimilla, Architecture, Resident, Fall 2009
Anna Chifala, Architecture, Resident, Fall 2009
Matt Scott, Architecture, Resident, Fall 2009
Jenny Cahill, Architecture, Resident, Fall 2009
Ryan Wellinghoff, Architecture, Resident, Fall 2009
Beth Calvelage, Architecture, Resident, Fall 2008 & Summer 2009
Tyler Friedman, Business Management, Philosophy, Resident, Fall 2007
Amy Silver, Social Work, Resident, Fall 2007
Chris Deluca. Architecture, Resident, Fall 2006
Annaliese Newmeyer, Psychology, Resident, Fall 2006