Commercial Architecture Videos

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General Topics

Building Big: Bridges. Macaulay, David. 2000. (60 min.) VHS
Building Big: Dams. Macaulay, David. 2000. (60 min.) VHS
Building Big: Domes. Macaulay, David. 2000. (60 min.) VHS
Building Big: Skyscrapers. Macaulay, David. 2000. (60 min.) VHS
Building Big: Tunnels. Macaulay, David. 2000. (60 min.) VHS
Capitalising in Paris. 1995. (58 min.) VHS
Paris, Spectacle of Modernity. (25 min.) VHS
Paris: Story of a City. (52 min.) VHS
Understanding Cities: Rome. Impact of an Idea. 1982. (29 min.) VHS
Understanding Cities: The American Urban Experience. 1982. (29 min.) VHS
Understanding Cities: Paris. Living Space. 1982. (29 min.) VHS
Understanding Cities: John Nash & London. 1982. (29 min.) VHS
Understanding Cities: The City of the Future. 1982. (29 min.) VHS
Visions of England. 2003. (75 min.) DVD
Visions of Greece. 2002. (167 min.) DVD
Visions of Italy; Visions of Sicily. 2001. (240 min.) DVD


Castles of Northumberland. 1989. (24 min.) VHS
Cathedral. Macaulay, David. 1973. (60 min.) VHS
Cluny. A Light in the Night. (53 min.) VHS
Dover Castle. The Key of England. 1981. (12 min.) VHS
French Romanesque Architecture & Sculpture. Part I. 1994. (47 min.) VHS
French Romanesque Architecture & Sculpture. Part II. 1994. (47 min.) VHS
Jeweled City. The Cathedral of Chartres. (50 min.) VHS
From Quarry to Building: Recent Studies in Greek Architecture. Kane, Susan. 3/2/1994. VHS
Medieval Monastery. (23 min.) VHS


Alhambra. (21 min.) VHS
Islamic City. (30 min.) VHS
Qusair Amra. Desert Castle. (27 min.) VHS
Splendors of the Mogul Dynasty. Taj Mahal: A Love Story. 1986. (43 min.) VHS


Blending with Nature. Classical Chinese Gardens in the Suzhou Style. 2003. (53 min.) VHS
Hidden Temples: Cambodia's Angkor Wat. (26 min.) VHS
Ming Garden (Astor Court). Metropolitan Museum of Art. 1983. (28 min.) VHS
Traditional Japanese Architecture. 1989. (30 min.) VHS

General 19th-21st Century Topics

Aboriginal Architecture. 2005 (93 min.) DVD
Advantages of Architectural Metals. VHS
Air, Light, and Utopia. The Modern Movement in Architecture. (52 min.) DVD
Architecture: The 80s and Beyond. (24 min.) VHS
America the Ugly. Searching for a Better Way to Live. (22 min.) VHS
Architectures 1. (26 min. each) DVD

  • Bauhaus. Gropius, Walter
  • Faculty of Architecture in Oporto. Siza, Alvaro
  • Family Lodging in Guise. Godin, Andre
  • Nemausus 1. Nouvel, Jean
  • Georges Pompidou Center. Rogers & Piano
  • Post Office Savings Bank in Vienna. Wagner, Otto

Architectures 2. (26 min. each) DVD

  • Johnson Wax Building. Wright, Frank Lloyd
  • Galleria Umberto I. Rocco, Emanuele
  • Satolas - TGV. Calatrava, Santiago
  • Stone Thermal Baths. Zumthor, Peter
  • Paris Fine Art School. Duban, Felix

Architectures 3. (26 min. each) DVD

  • Jewish Museum Berlin. Libeskind, Daniel
  • Garnier Opera. Garnier, Charles
  • Convent of La Tourette. Le Corbusier
  • Casa Mila. Gaudi, Antonio
  • Auditorium Building in Chicago. Sullivan, Louis
  • Municipal Center of Saynatsalo. Aalto, Alva

Architectures 4. (26 min. each) DVD

  • Royal Saltworks of Arc-et-Senans. Ledoux, Claude Nicholas
  • Maison de Verre. Chareau, Pierre
  • Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao. Gehry, Frank O.
  • Jean Prouve's House. Prouve, Jean
  • Multimedia Library of Sendai. Ito, Toyo
  • Abbey Church of Sainte Foy at Conques.

Bauhaus in America. (87 min.) VHS
Bauhaus at Weimar. (25 min.) VHS
Berlin Siedlungen. (25 min.) VHS
Beyond Utopia. Changing Attitudes in American Architecture. (58 min.) DVD
Columbus, Indiana. Different by Design. 2002. (87 min.) VHS
Deconstructivist Architects. (56 min.) VHS
Early Motion Pictures of World's Fairs and Expositions, 1900-1905. (Paris, Buffalo, St. Louis, Luna Park). (45 min.) VHS
English Flats of the Thirties. (25 min.) VHS
Flag Wars. 2003. (87 min.) DVD
Great Expectations: A Journey Through the History of Visionary Architecture. 2007. (52 min.) DVD
Green Architecture: Environmentally Friendly Housing. 2008. (31 min.) DVD
Grimes Graves. 1988. (13 min.) VHS
Holding Ground: The Rebirth of Dudley Street. 1996. (58 min.) VHS
Housing Question. (25 min.) VHS
Japan: 3 Generations of Avant-garde Architects. (59 min.) VHS
Kochuu. 2003. (53 min.) DVD
Nature by Design: Art and Landscape of Cincinnati's Spring Grove. (28 min.) VHS/DVD
New Modernist: 6 European Architects. (58 min.) VHS
Olympic West, Los Angeles, Design Competition. 1980s. VHS
Pruitt-Igoe Myth. (53 or 83 min.) DVD NEW
Skyline: Chicago. Chicago's Riverfront. 1991. (30 min.) VHS
Skyline: Chicago. The Loop. 1992. (30 min.) VHS
Skyline: Chicago. Michigan Ave. 1993. (30 min.) VHS
Taken for a Ride. The auto/oil industry campaign to destroy public transit. (55 min.) VHS
Unfinished Spaces. (2011) DVD
Voices of Practice. U. C. Center for the Study of Practice. 2003. (42 min.) VHS
Washington National Cathedral. (60 min.) VHS
Weissenhof Siedlung, Stuttgart. 1927. (25 min.) VHS

Listings By Name

Aalto, Alvar. A Vision of a Better World. (54 min.) VHS
Aalto, Alvar. [See: Architectures 3]
Aho, Timothy Arnold. ADVIS computer lab demo tape. VHS
AIA. Accent on Architecture: 1992 Awards of the American Institute of Architects. 1992. (59 min.) VHS
AIA. Accent on Architecture: 1993 Awards of the American Institute of Architects with Kevin Roche. 1993. (50 min.) VHS
AIA. Accent on Architecture: 1994 Awards of the American Institute of Architects. 1994. (59 min.) VHS
AIA. Accent on Architecture: 1995 Awards of the American Institute of Architects with Cesar Pelli. 1995. (31 min.) VHS
AIA. Benefit Testing & Strategic Marketing Presentation. 10/94. (25 min.) VHS
AIA. Case Studies in Sustainable Design. 1993. (77 min.) VHS
Alexander, Christopher. Places for the Soul: The Architecture of Christopher Alexander. 1990. (29 min.) VHS
Alexandra Associates. Current Role of Women in Architecture. 10/7/93. (90 min.) VHS
Alexandra Associates. Vernacular Architecture: The spirit and Life-Forms of Architecture. 10/21/93. (90 min.) VHS
Alexandra Associates. Architecture and the Creative Process. 11/4/93. (90 min.) VHS
Alexandra Associates. Feng Shui: The Art of Dwelling in the World. 11/13/93. VHS
Alexandra Associates. Future of Women in Architecture. 11/18/93. (90 min.) VHS
Allen, John M. A Pastel Paradise: Architectural Tour of South Beach. (48 min.) VHS
American Solar Energy Society. Day Lighting Symposium. 6/17/92. VHS
Ando, Tadao. From Emptiness to Infinity. 2014 (52 min.) DVD
Ando, Tadao. [See: Japan: 3 Generations of Avant-garde Architects]
Ando, Tadao. [See: Kochuu]
Burle Marx, Roberto. Landscape Architecture of Roberto Burle Marx. 1989. (57 min.) VHS
Cal Poly State University. Design Village. 2003. DVD
Calatrava, Santiago. [See: Architectures 2]
Chareau, Pierre. [See: Architectures 4]
Cogan Associates Architects. Architect. (11 min.) VHS
Cook, Peter and Fournier, Colin. Kunsthaus Graz [see Great Expectations]
Duban, Felix. [See: Architectures 2]
Eames, Charles & Ray. Films of Charles & Ray Eames. (6 DVD set). DVD
Eisenman, Peter. Nature of Place (Charlie Rose Show, U. Cinn. DAAP). 1996. (60 min.) VHS
Entenza, John. 1990. (56 min.) VHS
Fehn, Sverre [See: Kochuu]
Freed, James Ingo. Holocaust Memorial Museum. (45 min.) VHS
Fresco, Jacque. Venus Project. [see Great Expectations]
Fulller, Buckminster. [see Great Expectations]
Fuller, Buckminster. Thinking Out Loud. 1996. (94 min.) VHS
Garnier, Charles. [See: Architectures 3]
Garatii, Vittario [See: Unfinished Spaces]
Gaudi, Antoni. 1852-1926 My House is a Tree. His life, vision, and architecture. (50 min.) VHS
Gaudi, Antoni. [See: Architectures 3]
Gehry, Frank. Bilbao & Before. 1999. (52 min.) VHS
Gehry, Frank. Frank Gehry and Alvar Aalto. Ideas and Influences. (31 min.) DVD
Gehry, Frank. Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. (33 min.) VHS
Gehry, Frank. Sketches of Frank Gehry. 2006. (84 min.) DVD
Gehry, Frank. [See: Architectures 4]
Gill, Irving J. Fundamental Truths: The Architecture of Irving J. Gill. 1999. (56 min.) VHS
Godin, Andre. [See: Architectures 1]
Goff, Bruce. Goff in the Desert/Goff in der Wuste. 2003. (110 min.) DVD
Gottardi, Roberto [See: Unfinished Spaces]
Gropius, Walter. [See: Architectures 1]
Hasegawa, Itsuko. [See: Japan: 3 Generations of Avant-garde Architects]
Isozaki, Arata. Arata Isozaki. (58 min.) VHS
Isozaki, Arata. [See: Japan: 3 Generations of Avant-garde Architects]
Ito, Toyo. [See: Architectures 4]
Ito, Toyo. [See: Japan: 3 Generations of Avant-garde Architects]
Ito, Toyo. [See: Kochuu]
Kahn, Louis. My Architect. A Son's Journey. 2003. (116 min.) DVD
Kahn, Louis. Offering to Architecture. 1992. (58 min.) VHS
Kahn, Louis. Silence & Light. (58 min.) VHS
Kahn, Louis. Silence & Light. (58 mni.) DVD
Kahn, Louis. Spent Light: The Salk Institute. VHS
Killingsworth, Edward A. Case Study House Program 1945-1966, and Esther McCoy
Kurokawa, Kisho [See: Kochuu]
Le Corbusier. Functionalist Cities [see Great Expectations]
Le Corbusier. Villa La Roche. (25 min.) VHS
Le Corbusier. Villa Savoye. (25 min.) VHS
Le Corbusier. [See: Architectures 3]
Ledoux, Claude Nicholas. [See: Architectures 4]
Libeskind, Daniel. Daniel Libeskind. Welcome to the 21st Century. 1999. (50 min.) VHS
Libeskind, Daniel. Defying Gravity. Selection of the Architect. Spatial Dance. 3 Documentaries. 2006. (110 min.) DVD
Libeskind, Daniel. [See: Architectures 3]
Lin, Maya. A Strong Clear Vision. 1994. (83 min.) VHS
Loos, Adolf. Adolf Loos. 1975. (25 min.) VHS
Lovag, Antti. Palais Bulles. [see Great Expectations]
Maki, Fumihiko. [See: Japan: 3 Generations of Avant-garde Architects]
McDonough, William; Susanka, Sarah; & Goodnight, James. Charlie Rose Show, 3/29/99. 1999. (60 min.) VHS
Mockbee, Samuel. Citizen Architect. (60 min.) DVD NEW
Mockbee, Samuel. Rural Studio. 2002. (56 min.) VHS
Niemeyer, Oscar [see Great Expectations]
Nouvel, Jean. [See: Architectures 1]
Pei, I. M: Building Modern China (53 min.) DVD
Penn State Architectural Engineering. Today's Structural Steel: Penn State Architectural Engineering. (30 min.) VHS
Piano, Renzo. Piece by Piece. (56 min.) VHS
Plecnik, Josip. Dear Master. (60 min.) VHS
Porro, Richard. [See: Unfinished Spaces]
Prouve, Jean. [See: Architectures 4]
Rogers & Piano. [See: Architectures 1]
Safdie, Moshe. Habitat ’67 [see Great Expectations]
Scully, Vincent. Vincent Scully & the New Urbanism. (12 min.) VHS
Shinohara, Kazuo. [See: Japan: 3 Generations of Avant-garde Architects]
Shinohara, Kazuo. [See: Kochuu]
Siza, Alvaro. [See: Architectures 1]
Soleri, Paolo. Archologies. [see Great Expectations]
Steiner, Rudolph. Goetheanum [see Great Expectations]
Sullivan, Louis. [See: Architectures 3]
Tange, Kenzo. [See: Japan: 3 Generations of Avant-garde Architects]
Ungers, O.M. O.M. Ungers. (59 min.) VHS
Venturi, Robert, & Scott Brown, Denise. Robert Venturi & Denise Scott Brown. (58 min.) VHS
Wagner, Otto. Otto Wagner: Die Entstehung der Moderne und Seine Schule. (40 min.) VHS
Wagner, Otto. [See: Architectures 1]
Weissman, Barr. Home: Langston Terrace Dwellings (with study guide). (57 min.) VHS
Whyte, William. H. Social Life of Small Urban Spaces. (60 min.) VHS
Woollen, Evans. Building for Meaning. The Architecture of Evans Woollen. VHS
Wright, Frank Lloyd. Taliesin: The Tradition of Frank Lloyd Wright. (30 min.) VHS
Wright, Frank Lloyd. The House on the Waterfall. (30 min.) VHS
Wright, Frank Lloyd. Frank Lloyd Wright. Film by Ken Burns & Lynn Novick. 1998. (153 min.) VHS
Wright, Frank Lloyd. [See: Architectures 2]
Zumthor, Peter. [See: Architectures 2]