Study Abroad Opportunities

2013-2014 School of Creative Arts Programs

*some offerings are still pending and are subject to change

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Thematic Sequence (Open to all majors)

The School of Creative Arts offers study abroad that can be used as a Miami Plan Thematic Sequence. These programs are open to all majors, with no prerequisites.

Experiencing Arts & Culture: Paris 2013

Paris, France

May 13 - June 21, 2013

Credit: 9 credit hours
Students will travel to Paris for an immersive thematic sequence focused on the global importance and impact of the integrated creative arts (e.g.: architecture, interior design, theatre, studio arts, graphic design, music, etc.). This intensive, experiential program will help students develop a general knowledge of cultural history, and an understanding of the theories and application of various forms of the creative arts. This sequence is intended to make the creative arts interesting, accessible, and valuable.

Peg Faimon 

Architecture + Interior Design

Design/Build Ghana 2013

Ghana, West Africa
May 12 - June 24, 2013

Credit: 6 credit hours
Design and build studio Capacity: 18 participants maximum Prerequisites/Requirements: Third year standing or approval of instructor. Must have completed ARC 202 or 204 The studio gives students the opportunity to affect a community through their efforts as aspiring architects and interior designers. Projects are driven by the needs of Abrafo-Odumase and respond to the feed back of the client before construction and during it. The group tours Ghana, and will design and build two teacher’s cottages. Students take part in all phases of construction with lessons from Ghanaian masons and carpenters with whom they work throughout the project.

Contact: J Elliott 

Energy Efficient by Design London 2013

London, UK
May 17 - June 23, 2013

Credit: 6 credit hours
Design and build studio Capacity: 18 participants maximum Prerequisites/Requirements: Third year standing or approval of instructor. Must have completed ARC 202 or 204 I will conduct the London Energy Efficient by Design Studio again summer, 2013. We meet with local architects proficient in an integrated design approach that places energy efficiency in a place equal to or greater than other design drivers. These presentations coupled with field visits to exemplars of this approach and independent/group research helps to prepare the students for their design done in teams of two, of a mixed use building on a site in London.

J Elliott 

Sustainability (Passive House) Malta 2013

Germany & Malta
May 18 - June 22, 2013

Credit: 6 credit hours 
Capacity: 15-18 students Prerequisites/ Requirements: Junior or Senior Standing. 2-3 pre-workshop training sessions will be held to prepare for the workshop. Students will be required to learn thermal analysis software prior to the workshop. The workshop begins at the International Passiv Haus Conference (site-TBD). After one week, the studio will travel to Malta to gain an understanding of the history of the island and examine traditional Maltese construction methods, several ancient temples, and the offices of contemporary Maltese architects. We will stay in the city of Valetta, the island of Gozo, and then back to the main island where we will be designing a structure using Passive House principles.

Mary Rogero 

Architecture and Interior Design

University of Applied Sciences

Rosenheim, Germany

February 15 - mid July, 2013

The University of Applied Sciences exchange program in Rosenheim, Germany located southeast of Munich enables students to study one semester at the partner university. Rosenheim offers a wide variety of courses for Interior Design and Architecture majors from visual communications, theory, and technical courses to design studios with architectural, interiors, and product design themes. Emphasis is placed on full-scale prototyping with projects frequently carried out with distinguished partners and the cities of Rosenheim and Munich.

Diane Fellows 

Ghana Program

ghanaClick Here To watch a video about The Ghana Program, which is associated with the Department of Architecture at the University of Science and Technology in Kumasi and with the Department of Home Science at the University of Ghana in Accra.