At AIMS, we believe the space where creativity, design, technology and business intersect will continue to experience extraordinary growth in the coming decades. Traditional academic models are poorly equipped to adjust to the rapidly shifting landscape created by disruptive and emerging technologies. That’s why AIMS takes a fundamentally different approach to higher education.

We believe in being student-centered with a high level of touchpoints with the evolving industry. Our project-based vision enables students to develop high-quality portfolios and case studies while forming their professional network with dynamic industry professionals. All the while, our institution's commitment to a liberal education ensures that AIMS students are becoming well-rounded global citizens who are able to surf on the edge of tomorrow and engage in rich, meaningful work upon graduation.

AIMS also takes tremendous pride in our “out of the classroom box” experiences where students are embedded in industry for hands-on apprenticeship with industry professionals as well as engaged in cutting-edge research with our elite faculty.