Dual IMS Major (Co-Major)

Dual Majors (known as Co-Majors at Miami University) are comparable to "Double Majors", but require fewer foundational courses and are specifically designed to complement an existing major. For instance, students majoring in Graphic Design may find the IMS Co-Major helpful in the development of interaction design skills. Or students majoring in Marketing may find the IMS Co-Major helpful in developing digital and social media marketing.

Like the IMS Major, the IMS Co-Major includes courses that span across the breadth of Miami University’s offerings and brings the inherently interdisciplinary world of technology to the traditionally disciplined student.

There are two foundation tracks to give students a breadth of understanding from two key foci: making and analyzing. Advanced track “concentrations” allow students to focus their experience on a particular area of interactive media. It is recommended that these concentrations are specifically chosen to complement their major.

Finally, the senior-level courses provide opportunities for all AIMS students to work collaboratively.

The Miami University Bulletin series is the official source of information about the programs and courses of study offered by Miami University.

There are a limited number of slots for existing students; acceptance into the major and co-major is competitive and based on a number of criteria beyond GPA.

Co-major in Interactive Media Studies (37 hours)

Entrance requirements

Current students can apply anytime beginning the second semester of the first year.

  • 3.0 GPA minimum (lower GPAs may be accepted based on interview)
  • Complete the co-major application
  • If minimum requirements are met, we will schedule a one-on-one interview to test fit. As an IMS Co-Major, you will need to maintain a 3.0 GPA in the four IMS foundation courses to continue to be in the major.

Apply now

Second Year (12 hours)


IMS 201 Information Studies: Digital Age (3)

ENG/IMS 224 Digital Writing and Rhetoric (3)

IMS 254 Design Principles Applied (3)

IMS 222 Web Interaction Programming (3)

Second and Third Years

Take 2 courses from one list and 1 course from the other.


IMS 257 Web and Interaction Design (3) (required)

IMS 212 The Design of Play (3)

IMS 253 Building Interactive Objects (3)

ART/IMS 259 Art and Digital Tools 1 (3)

IMS 356 Interactive Animation
(formerly titled "Flash Animation") (3)

IMS 461 Advanced 3D Visualization and Simulation (3)


IMS 413/513 Usability and Digital Media (4) (required)

IMS 211 The Analysis of Play (3)

ENG/IMS 238 Narrative and Digital Technology (3)

IMS 261 Information and Data Visualization (3)

IMS/MKT 419 Digital Branding (4)

IMS 414/514 Web and Social Media Analytics (3)

COM 143 Introduction to Mass Communication (3) (MP)

Third and Fourth Years

Upper level requirements (7 hours)

**Pre-approved Tracks

Game Design: IMS 212, IMS 319, IMS 487, IMS 445

Game Development: IMS 259, CSE 251, IMS 487, IMS 445

Game Studies: IMS 211, IMS 225, IMS 238, IMS 487

Interactive Business: IMS/MKT 419, IMS 407, IMS 418, IMS 414

Art and Interaction: ART 259, IMS 319, IMS/MUS 303 or IMS/MUS 221, ARC 404

Web Development and Design: IMS 222, IMS 413, IMS/ART 359, IMS 356

Animation: IMS/ART 259, IMS/ART 359, IMS 356, IMS 319

Comparative Media Studies: COM 211, CMS 201, CMS 301, COM 354 or 355

Visualization: IMS 259, IMS 261, IMS 461, IMS/JRN/STA 404

Upper Level Requirements
(7 hours total)

IMS 452 Senior Degree Project (3)

IMS 440/540 Armstrong Interactive Capstone (4) (MP Capstone)

Suggested Electives

ART/IMS 340 Internship (2)

ART 256 Design, Perception & Audience (3)

CFA 111 Innovation, Creativity and Design Thinking (3)

IMS/ENG 171 Humanities and Technology (3)

**If a track is pre-approved, students can begin the track without advisor approval. Students who would like to design their own tracks from the list of track courses (and/or other courses that might be available throughout the university) are required to meet with their assigned advisor and get “sign-off” on the track no later than immediately following completion of the first course in the track. All/any modifications to pre-approved tracks and/or self-designed tracks need to be approved by the Chief Departmental Advisor/Co-Director of AIMS. IMS 390 Special Topics and IMS 490/590 Advanced Topics can be used with CDA approval.

List of Track Courses

IMS 211 The Analysis of Play (3)

IMS 212 The Design of Play (3)

IMS/MUS 221 Music Technologies (3)

ENG/IMS 224 Digital Writing and Rhetoric (3)

EDP/IMS 225 Games and Learning (3)

ENG/IMS 238 Narrative and Digital Technology (3)

IMS 253 Building Interactive Objects (3)

ART/IMS 259 Art and Digital Tools (3)

IMS 261 Information and Data Visualization (3)

JRN/IMS 303 Online Journalism (3)

MUS 303/IMS 304 Electronic Music (3)

IMS 319 3D and Animation (3)

IMS 333 Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship (3)

IMS 351 Introduction to Mobile App Development (3)

IMS 356 Flash Animation (3)

ART/IMS 359 Art and Digital Tools 2 (3)

Any IMS 390 Special Topics in IMS (3)

IMS 404.Y/ARC 404.Y Mind and Medium (3)

IMS 407/507 Interactive Business Communication (3)

IMS 410/510 Digital Development Methods (4)

IMS/ENG 411 Visual Rhetoric (3)

IMS 413/513 Usability and Digital Media (4)

IMS 414/514 Web and Social Media Analytics (3)

IMS 418/518 Social Media Marketing (3)

IMS/MKT 419 Digital Branding (4)

IMS 422/522 Advanced Web Design (3)

IMS 445 Game Design (3)

IMS 461/561 Advanced 3D Visualization and Simulation (3)

IMS 487/587 Game Prototyping, Pipeline and Production (3)

Any IMS 490/590 Advanced Topics in IMS (3)

COM 143 Introduction to Mass Communication (3)

COM 211 Electronic Media (3)

COM 354 Media and Society (3)

COM 355 Media Technology (3)

CMS 201 Introduction to Comparative Media Studies (3)

CMS 301 Comparative Approaches to Media Studies (3)

CSE 251 Introduction to Game Programming (3)

CSE 252 Web Application Programming (3)

MIS 245 Database Systems and Data Warehousing (3)

Current Students

Students work on capstone project at whiteboardsCheck out our student page for resources for current AIMS students, including information about our Digital Innovation Center programs, courses, and advising.