Game Minor

Miamis game design program is ranked #3 among public universities and colleges in the US by The Princeton ReviewThe Digital Game Studies Minor is a series of courses on digital game design, analysis, and application, presenting a collaboration between

  • the Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies;
  • the department of Computer Science and Software Engineering;
  • the College of Arts and Sciences;
  • the College of Creative Arts, the College of Education, Health, and Society; and
  • the University Libraries.

This minor introduces students to the foundations of game design and implementation, the design of art assets for digital games, developing critical and cultural understandings of digital games, and the relationship of digital games to important trends in learning and literacy.

There are a limited number of slots for existing students; acceptance into the minor is competitive and based on a number of criteria beyond GPA.

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All students enrolled in the minor are required to take the Category 1 courses, then may choose a track in Category 2. All students within the minor are then required to enroll in IMS 455 Game Design (category 3).

Category 1

All students take the following sequence (6 hours)

IMS 211 The Analysis of Play (3)

IMS 212 The Design of Play (3)

Category 2

Students choose a single track and take three courses in their chosen track. With the exception of CSE 386, track courses can be taken in any order within their track. (9 hours total)

1. Game Art and Design

IMS 319 Foundations in Digital 3D Modeling and Animation (3)

IMS/ART 359 Art & Digital Tools II (3) (Prereq. IMS/ART 259)

IMS 487 Game Prototyping, Pipeline and Production (3)

2. Applied Game Studies

EDP/IMS 225 Games and Learning (3)

IMS/ENG 238 Narrative and Digital Technology (3)

IMS 487 Game Prototyping, Pipeline and Production (3)

3a. Game Development (non-Computer Science majors)

ART/IMS 259 Art and Digital Tools I (3)

CSE 251 Introduction to Game Programming (3)

IMS 487 Game Prototyping, Pipeline and Production (3)

3b. Game Development (Computer Science majors)

CSE 274 Data Abstraction and Data Structures (3) (Prereq. CSA 271 with a grade of C- or better)

CSE 386 Introduction to Computer Graphics (3)
(Prereq. CSA 274 and MTH 231)

CSE 487 Game Design and Implementation (3) (Prereq. CSA 386)

Category 3

All students take the following course (3 hours)

IMS 445 Game Design (3)

Current Students

Students work on capstone project at whiteboardsCheck out our student page for resources for current AIMS students, including information about our Digital Innovation Center programs, courses, and advising.