IMS Thematic Sequences

While none of the courses in the sequences are restricted to students enrolled in the sequence, students are not guaranteed to get into any of the courses in this sequence unless they are registered. While it is possible to complete the courses in the sequence without registering, we caution against this, since you might end up not able to get into a course.

At this time, AIMS is not accepting applications for the IMS4 Thematic Sequence.

IMS4: Interactive Media Studies

Take one of the following Foundation level courses:

IMS 201 Information Studies in the Digital Age (3)
CSE 251 Game Programming for Non-Majors (3)
CSE 252 Introduction to Web Programming (3)
IMS/ENG 238  Narrative and Digital Technology (3)
ENG 224 Digital Writing and Rhetoric (3)
ART 256 Design, Perception & Audience (3)

Take two courses from one of the following Specialization Tracks:

IMS 333 eBusiness, Entrepreneurship, and Venture Capital (3)
MKT 419  eCommerce, Marketing, and the Internet (3)
IMS 310 Usability & Digital Media Design (4)
COM 211 Introduction to Electronic Media (3)
MGT 311 Project Management (3)
BLS 437 Cyberlaw (3)
IMS 390.C Special Topics in Commercialization (3)

IMS/ENG 171 Introductory Methods (3)
ENG 238 Narrative and Digital Technology (3)
IMS/ENG 224 Digital Writing and Rhetoric (3)
ENG 441 Visual Rhetoric (3)
IMS 390.I  Special Topics in Interpretation/Digital Humanities (3)

IMS 319 3D Modeling & Animation (3)
IMS 445 Game Design (3)
ARC 404.Y Mind & Medium (3)
IMS 390.S Special Topics in Simulation (3)

IMS 356  Flash Animation (3)
IMS/ART 259 Aesthetics & Computation (3)
IMS/ART 359 Actionscripting (3)
MIS 302 Database Theory & Practice (3)
IMS 390.V Special Topics in Visualization (3)

Previous Thematic Sequences

IMS is no longer offering IMS1, IMS2, and IMS3 (our three previous thematic sequences) and have combined/refined our offerings into a single thematic sequence: IMS4. If you enrolled in the previous three thematic sequences and chose not to switch into the new one, contact us for details of the IMS1, IMS2 and IMS3 requirements.