Whimsical sculptures and jewelry in a row

Metal Works with Whimsy and Style

Date: June 26- June 30, 2017
Medium: Metals & Jewelry
Instructor: Ginger Seiple
Skill Level: All

We will begin the week by etching plates to create purposeful containers using multimedia components. The course will continue through the week exploring cold connection and soldered containers. In addition to etching and fabrication experience learn to become proficient using a bending brake. We will finish the workshop creating pieces that are both anticlastic formed and fold formed. The projects created will be elegant forms that can be worn as jewelry, sculpture, or used as embellishments for other projects.

Tuition does not cover the cost of supplies and materials. Many of the workshops require you to bring specific materials or tools with you.

Supply List

  • Mallets - delrin, rawhide, rubber, whichever you prefer. Instructor has extra mallets to share - purchase only if you choose.
  • Files, flat and triangular - Instructor will have some to borrow
  • Hammers - planishing and forming hammers if you own them, or borrow the instructor's (some available for purchase). Bring a riveting or goldsmithing hammer if you own one. Instructor has several to share and some for sale.
  • A Steel Block to work on at your bench; contact instructor if you want her to purchase one for you. A 6” one or larger. Instructor has a limited number to share
  • Metal Shears if you own them. Instructor will have several to share.- Saw and saw blades if you plan to pierce, and if you do bring 3/0, 1/0 and #3 blades.
  • Hand Tools - All the ones you use the most will be the ones you need
  • Ruler, scissors, dividers, thick and thin sharpies Manila folders for model making; scotch tape.
  • Safety - Eye protection and/or magnification, mask for etching if you are ultra-sensitive; we’ll be etching under the hood which is effective against fumes.
  • Apron to wear when etching to protect your clothes. Old clothes are best
  • Shop towels to save on paper
  • Camera
  • Ring Mandrel - Instructor has a few to borrow.
  • Delrin Sinusoidal Stakes if you own some; Instructor has some to borrow.
  • Soldering Clamps - Instructor will have some to borrow but bring your favorites
  • Your own flux and solder if you have a preference, or use instructor's Cupronil.
  • Acrylic paints - Instructor will be bringing some to share for adding multimedia components to our whimsy project (wood). Instructor will have some paints and brushes for you to use but bring favorites, including a palette if you prefer


  • The container project will use many base metals for color and texture. Instructor will have a good supply of base metals, with a limited amount of stainless steel. Bring your supply of both textured and untextured metals to design around if you have some you might want to use.
  • If you have other fun components that might or might not be useful for embellishing, bring them with you. Lots of cold-connections in this project. Think of things like glass, bone, ceramic, doll parts……..
  • One option for designing in this workshop is a spirit box pendant - think about what you might put in one - a poem, healing herbs, a blessing. (This is the shell-forming project.) This project is planned in bronze but may be done in silver which will be available to purchase.
  • The anticlastic projects will use 26 gauge sterling or bronze, your choice; possibly 24 gauge depending on your choice of project.
  • The ring project uses 12 gauge sterling silver round wire, and fine silver to bezel. Instructor will have 26 gauge fine silver to use for a bezel; if you prefer an different material bring it with you.
  • The inlay work is planned using fine silver in copper. The supplies for this project and for the steel to make the chisels, is included in the materials fee. We will be hardening and tempering the chisels after making them. Instructor will have samples of how she uses her inlay work. You may choose to make a pendant, or a lid for a container with your inlay.

If you do not have some of the tools listed you’ll be able to borrow some of the instructor's for the projects. Instructor will also have some hammers for sale. The range of cost for the hammers for sale is from $36.00 to $75.00. They will be sold at cost. Pre-purchase only if you want to.

There will be a materials fee of $40.00 which will cover all the materials you will need for all of the planned projects. Instructor will have additional metals available to purchase if you choose to do more than one of each project.

Email, text or call with any questions about the projects or supplies. 614-496-8751 gingerseiple@gmail.com

Studio Fee

All workshops have a studio fee. Fees are collected at the end of the workshop and payable by check or credit card. MU no longer accepts cash.

Estimated studio fee for this workshop: $50-120*

*The final cost may vary depending on the actual cost of materials at the time of the workshop. It is possible for fees to be less or greater than the range indicated depending upon individual student usage.

About the Instructor

Ginger Seiple has spent the past 36 years exploring metal. She has studied with many masters, giving her the wonderful skills she enjoys practicing and perfecting in her studio, as well as sharing in her workshops. In 2000, she was commissioned to design and replace the Presidential Ceremonial Medallion worn by the newly inaugurated president of Hiram College, a medallion once worn by President Garfield when he was president of the college. She has published seven articles, won numerous awards at art venues, and recently has been the TA for Michael Good in his Maine Workshop in May and October of 2014.