Advanced Hammer Techniques in Metalwork

A grouping of copper-colored sculptures
4 metalwork pieces by Ginger Seiple

Date: June 25-June 29, 2018 
Medium: Jewelry/Metals
Instructor: Ginger Seiple (email)
Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced

In this workshop, two areas of metalworking using hammers to create shape, texture and dimension will be explored. Using chasing tools, chasing hammers, and pitch in a cast iron skillet, students will use chasing and repousse techniques to shape and embellish a bracelet.

A second project will be using another method to embellish. Students will be hammer chasing a copper vessel, using sculpture wax. Materials will be provided for all projects. Students can borrow or purchase the necessary tools. As well, students will have the opportunity to shape, harden and temper their own chasing tools in this workshop.

Tuition does not cover the cost of supplies and materials. Many of the workshops require you to bring specific materials or tools with you.

Supply List

Supplies are subject to change. A final list will be emailed to each participant before the first day of class.


  • eye protection - eye magnification if indicated
  • ear protection (hammering)
  • dividers, mm ruler
  • pen, paper, camera, sharpie
  • 18 g copper, 2” X 9” (or purchase in class)
  • 220 and 400 grit emery or micro-mesh paper
  • lung protection if indicated personally
  • piece of rubber mesh for under the pitch pot for noise reduction and vibration
    ( Rio Grande has a new item - a 12” square rubber (#111730) mat which is
    better if you are interested, but the open mesh will work)
  • O or OO files - flat, half-round
  • bring all your favorite hand tools


  • chasing hammer - bring, borrow or purchase in class
  • a variety of peened hammers if you own them - available to borrow or
  • tooling stamps - or use mine
  • chasing tools you may own - there is opportunity to create a full set in the
    class if desired, or share/borrow mine
  • 18 g. sterling silver 2” X 9” strip - if you want to make your bracelet in silver
  • any forging hammers or specialty hammers, like texturing hammers you may
    own (some will be available to borrow or purchase)
  • dapping tools if you have them - can be used for repousse punches to begin
    your project


Studio Fee

All workshops have a studio fee. Fees are collected at the end of the workshop and payable by check or credit card. MU no longer accepts cash.

Estimated studio fee for this workshop: $75-100*

*The final cost may vary depending on the actual cost of materials at the time of the workshop. It is possible for fees to be less or greater than the range indicated depending upon individual student usage.

About the Instructor

Ginger Seiple has spent the past 36 years exploring metal. She has studied with many masters, giving her the wonderful skills she enjoys practicing and perfecting in her studio, as well as sharing in her workshops. In 2000, she was commissioned to design and replace the Presidential Ceremonial Medallion worn by the newly inaugurated president of Hiram College, a medallion once worn by President Garfield when he was president of the college. She has published seven articles, won numerous awards at art venues, and recently has been the TA for Michael Good in his Maine Workshop in May and October of 2014.

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