Registration and Fees

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Please read this entire section before beginning registration.

  • For questions regarding classes, please call 513-529-7395 or email
  • For questions regarding registration, contact Global Initiatives Office at 513-529-8600

Participants must be at least 18 years of age with a high school diploma or its equivalent.

You may take courses as non-credit or for-credit.


When maximum enrollment has been reached, workshops are closed for registration. You can request to be placed on the waitlist by calling CraftSummer at (513) 529-7395.

2018 Non-Credit Workshop Registration

(Updated 10/19/2017)

Instructional fees do not include housing fees, studio materials costs, food, and incidental expenses.

NOTE to Miami Students: Workshop fees are in addition to your spring or summer tuition. Refer to your Bursar bill and make sure your fees are cleared before the workshop begins.

Registration fees and waivers are subject to change without notice.

2017-2018 Non-credit workshop fees

  • Weeklong: $475.00
  • Weekend: $290.00

2018 Credit Workshop Registration

(Updated 10/19/2016)

Instructional fees do not include housing fees, studio materials costs, food, and incidental expenses.

Graduate Course Credit: If not already admitted to the university, credit program admission is only applicable for credit programs offered through Global Initiatives. A bachelor's degree is required to receive graduate credit for a program. No more than eight of the most recent graduate hours earned on Credit Program or Continuing Graduate non-degree Standing (CGS) can be applied toward a graduate degree, and then only with the approval of the department.

To apply to a graduate degree program or CGS, visit the Graduate School.

2017 Credit workshop fees

All fees are approximate and are subject to change

Special: Ohio Educator Discount

  • 1 credit workshop: $303.11
  • 1.5 credit workshop: $454.67

Visit the TEAM scholarship site to see if you qualify

Credit Workshop Fees
Ohio Residents 1 Credit Weekend 1.5 Credit Week
Undergraduate $592.05 $888.08
Graduate $555.58 $833.37
Non-Ohio Residents 1 Credit Weekend 1.5 Credit Week
Undergraduate $1265.80 $1898.70
Graduate $1211.22 $1816.83

Administrative Fee

Students will be assessed a $25 per student/ per workshop fee for all workshops held in Ohio or online. The registration fee is non-refundable unless a workshop is canceled by Miami University. The registration fee applies to credit registrations only.

Supply Fees

Supply List and tools will be emailed to each registered participant a few weeks prior to the beginning start date of the class.

  • CraftSummer tuition does not cover materials used for students’ projects. Most classes require the student to bring certain materials and tools that are listed on the Workshop Supply List for each class. For most classes there is a minimum studio/facility fee of $10 for each class. We will make every effort to notify students in advance if we anticipate a studio fee in excess of $50. Materials fees vary by class and may change as cost of items fluctuate from our suppliers.
  • Some instructors provide specialized materials for their workshops. In this case, payment for materials is made directly to the instructor. Be prepared to pay instructors with check or cash.
  • Tool kits for metals and jewelry classes are available for a $15 rental fee.

CraftSummer material/studio fees are collected on the last day of class, Friday for weeklong classes and Sunday morning for weekend classes.

Payment Policy for a Workshop

The CraftSummer office no longer processes credit and non-credit registrations. All registrations are administered through Miami University’s Global Initiatives Office. However, if you have questions about workshops, please call the CraftSummer Office staff at (513) 529-7395 or email

  • If you are taking a workshop as undergraduate/graduate credit, workshop fees will be added to your student/participant Bursar account. No paper bill will be mailed so you will need to access your bill online at myMiami. If you do not remember your UniqueID and password, please contact ITHelp Desk at (513) 529-7900.
  • You must pay for the workshop within 10 days AND prior to the first day of the workshop to avoid potential cancellation of your credit workshop registration. However, non-payment does not assure registration cancellation. Please follow the withdrawal policy if you do not plan on attending the workshop. Cancellation and refund policies are stated on the registration form. Please read carefully. Administration fees are non-refundable. View payment options »
  • If you are taking the the workshop as non-credit, you must pay upon registration.

Discounts for Miami Employees and Ohio K-12 Educators

Fee Waivers for Miami Employees

Please note: The Employee Fee Waiver Form must be filled out every year prior to registration for workshops.

  • Miami University Fee Waivers for Miami University faculty, staff, or dependents can only be used when taking workshops for credit. Fee waivers cannot be applied to non-credit workshops.
  • The waiver is approximately 90%.

Special rate for qualifying faculty, staff and dependents

Weekend workshop $60
Weeklong workshop $90
(Approximate cost, other fees apply)

Retired employees: The fee waiver benefit for retired employees excludes graduate courses.  Retired employees must contact Benefit Services for a specific form regarding retirement status prior to registering for classes.

If you're unsure about your eligibility for Miami's fee waiver, contact Benefit Services, 513-529-3926.

Ohio Educator Discount — TEAM Scholarship

Miami University offers a scholarship that will significantly lower the cost associated with professional development and/or earning a graduate degree. Any Ohio K-12 teacher meeting the “TEAM” requirements receives a 50% discount on graduate level classes approved for professional development. The application must be filled out prior to registering for workshops. More information regarding TEAM scholarships »

  • TEAM scholarships for Ohio educators can only be used when taking workshops for credit.

Withdrawing from Workshops

You must contact Global Initiatives if you wish to withdraw from a credit or non-credit workshop.

Global Initiatives
216 MacMillan Hall
Miami University
Oxford, OH 45056

(513) 529-8600

REFUND Policy for non-credit: Cancellation notice must be received two weeks prior to the workshop for a full refund. Less than 2 weeks notice will result in a $50 penalty.

Cancellation of Workshops

All CraftSummer workshops are subject to cancellation due to insufficient enrollment. This decision is usually made 14 calendar days prior to the start date. In the event of cancellation, our office will notify you through email.

  • For questions regarding classes, please call 513-529-7395 or email
  • For questions regarding registration, contact Global Initiatives Office at 513-529-8600

Traveling to Oxford

Parking on Campus

Workshops are held on the Oxford campus of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio unless otherwise stated. This academic and rural community is 35 miles north of Cincinnati and 45 miles southwest of Dayton.

Please review the parking areas at the Parking and Transportation site.


To learn more about housing reservations on campus:

For more information on Oxford, Ohio visit the Oxford Visitors Bureau website.