Ethnography To understand the user, ethnographic observation is at the core of design thinking.

MDC Workshops

The faculty of the Miami Design Collaborative are available to lead various types of workshops. We have facilitated design thinking workshops for students, faculty, and industry partners.


Design Thinking Basics:
This one-two hour workshop will orient your team to the design thinking process. You will learn the steps and skills you need to apply the methodology to your project(s). This workshop focuses on a “sample” that will teach you the process.


Design Thinking Applied:
This 1/2 day – full day workshop will take your team through the design thinking process as it applies more specifically to your particular problem/project. You will do some “pre-work” to gather information and research that you will bring into the workshop for application.


Organized Brainstorming:
This 1/2 day workshop is designed for teams that are looking to develop an organized and focused set of ideas. We will take you through a series of questions that focus the group and build to action items for later application.

Please contact Michael Bailey-Van Kuren for more information:

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