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Graduate students take top honors during research forum

The top three oral presentations were:

  • Lei Song, educational leadership, "How Overseas Study Changes International Student’s Academic Self-Concept"
  • Jenna L. Martini, architecture and interior design, "Healthy K-12 Educational Facilities: Promoting Health for the Individual as well as the Community"
  • Linduo Zhao, geology and environmental earth science, "Potential Application of Microbial Iron Redox Cycles in Nitrate Removal And Their Effects on Clay Mineral Properties"

The top three poster presentations were:

  • Courtney Clark-Hachtel, biology, "Lobes or Gills: Insights Into Insect Wing Origin Provided by Functional Analysis Of Vestigial in Tribolium"
  • Matthew Gillette, physics, "Design and Implementation of High-Power Lasers and Fast Imaging Systems for Creation of Optical Lattices"
  • Andrew J. Rosendale, biology, "Importance of A Glucose Transporter in the Cryoprotectant System of the Freeze-Tolerant Wood Frog, Rana sylvatica"

Faculty and graduate alumni judged all presentations. Criteria focused on students’ ability to effectively present their work to a nonexpert audience and ability to answer questions effectively.