Matt Haimovitz, cello

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The Bach Suites: A Moveable Feast

7:30 p.m., Monday, Nov. 13
Oxford Chamber Series

Oxford Community Arts Center
10 S. College Avenue

Earl Reeder Visiting Artist

Sponsored by Jack Keegan

Renowned as a musical pioneer, cellist Matt Haimovitz inspires classical music lovers and new listeners alike. He brings a fresh ear to familiar music, such as the Bach Suites for Unaccompanied Cello and accompanying overtures. Each Suite is paired with a new overture written by today’s leading composers, building a bridge from the master’s time to our own.

Matt wants people to serendipitously experience his music, creating a “Moveable Feast” throughout Oxford.   Follow our social media feeds for details of where Matt will be on Sunday and Monday for the free ‘pop-up’ concerts!

Haimovitz’s recording career encompasses more than 20 years of award-winning work. More recently, his recording of Philip Glass’s Cello Concerto No. 2, “Naqoyqatsi,” with the Cincinnati Symphony and Dennis Russell Davies, recorded live in Cincinnati has received universal acclaim. In 2004, the American Music Center awarded Haimovitz the Trailblazer Award, for his far-reaching contributions to American music.

Recital Repertoire

Overture to Bach, Philip Glass

Bach Suite I in G Major

Run, Vijay Iyer

Bach Suite III in C Major

Lili’uokalani for solo cello piccolo, Luna Pearl Woolf

Bach Suite VI in D Major

In collaboration with the Department of Music and the Oxford Community Arts Center

Ticket Prices:
$15 Adult | $14 Senior | $10 Youth/Student

Transcript of Video: Overtures to Bach: Philip Glass

[Bach cello suite playing as Matt Haimovitz begins speaking]

0:00-0:28 MATT HAIMOVITZ: I've been playing and thinking about these pieces for over three decades. And with this project kind of the culminating moment with my relationship with these pieces I feel like I’m giving back to Bach. I’m asking six composers who I admire so much to engage with his music and really it's, it's my form of time travel. Going back into the mind of Bach through the compositional process of these composers today.

0:29-0:38 [CELLO MUSIC]

0:39-0:52 MATT HAIMOVITZ: With the overtures to Bach by these six composers I’ve recorded two Preludes of each of the suites so that you can experience the seamless segue from the new to the old.

0:53-end [CELLO MUSIC]

“a ferociously talented cellist who brings megawatt sound and uncommon expressive gifts”
–The New York Times

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