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CEC 205 Agile Launchpad I
Fall 2017 semester: 
6:00 – 7:10 MTWR

In introduction to Agile, a flexible way to manage projects and respond to change. Special features of CEC 205 are:

  • Open to all majors but admission is by application only.
  • A mini-internship experience. Interdisciplinary team(s) will develop a product for a client.
  • A scholarship sponsored by Suncorp Group.
  • Interactions with Suncorp personnel in Australia leading to possible career opportunities or internships with Suncorp.
  • Completion of CEC 205 results in certification as ICAgile Certified Professional, which is an internationally recognized professional certification.

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Application process:

We are no longer accepting applications at this time.

To apply send the following to

Banner ID
Unique ID (Miami email id)
Year you entered Miami
Expected graduation date
Current GPA
Major(s) and minor(s)
Resume: No more than two pages in length.
Personal Narrative: Agile is a term for a way of working on projects that respects people, encourages continuous improvement, and focuses on delivering products and services that customers want. The course will help our students to learn and experience Agile principles and practices. In a few paragraphs, describe how you might contribute to an Agile project team and how you envision that learning Agile might benefit you.