Myaamia Project

“The mission of the Myaamia Center is to advance the research needs of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma with a focus on Myaamia language, culture and history.”


The Myaamia Center created an online dictionary with words, phrases, and sound files to revitalize the language among the tribe. In order to keep up with users, the center wanted to provide a mobile platform for the dictionary. The Agile Launchpad team was responsible for developing a smart phone application to implement this goal.

Focusing Question

How can Agile Launchpad improve the accessibility and user experience of the Myaamia Center’s Wiki online dictionary on a mobile platform so that they can revitalize their culture and enhance the learning experience for users, as well as track and analyze the users of their mobile dictionary?

End Result

Before and after screenshots of the Myaamia application.Before and after screenshots of the Myaamia application.

Project Class - Spring 2014

spring 2014 class