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Trying out brand new ideas? Inventing whole new product applications? Need help in development or proof of practice? These are areas where we can help. We can sign a nondisclosure agreement to protect your intellectual property rights. We welcome an opportunity to discuss your needs and interests.

The contract research and testing program offers specialized services for a nominal fee to clients. Contract research has historically been exclusively for pulp and paper related tests.  Today, however, our capabilites have expanded to include not only pulp and paper research, but also materials characterization (BET surface area, pore size distribution, differential scanning calorimetry, thermal gravimetic analyses). 

Paper testing of both a specialized and routine nature is carried out in a Technical Association of Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI) standard temperature and humidity controlled room. Most of the traditional paper and paperboard tests can be conducted. Generally the turnaround time is short and often depends on the backlog of scheduled project work.

In addition to the above paper testing services, other tests related to the pulp and paper industry are available:

  • Pulping raw materials using pilot batch digesters
  • Deinking of waste paper
  • Repulpability studies
  • Pilot paper machine studies
  • Pilot coater/laminator studies

A pulp handsheet strength evaluation can be done with either a Valley Beater or PFI mill.

Testing Services Price List

For further information, please contact laboratory technologist Doug Hart at 513-529-0778 or Our FAX number is 513-529-0761.

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