Contract Research Testing - Current Pricing

Contract research has historically been exclusively for pulp and paper related tests.  Today, however, our capabilities have expanded to include not only pulp and paper research, but also materials characterization (BET surface area, pore size distribution, differential scanning calorimetry, thermal gravimetic analyses).  Extensive testing is negotiated on an individual project basis. Pricing for larger projects may significantly lower the price per sample. Call 513-529-0778 for a quote.

Some pulp and paper-related tests that are done in our contract research lab are as follows:

Beater Curve (4 CSF points with the following tests) (TAPPI Method 200)
  1. CSF
  2. Basis Weight
  3. Caliper
  4. Apparent Density
  5. Tensile
  6. Tear
  7. Burst


Each additional CSF point is $50

Individual Test
Canadian Standard Freeness (TAPPI T-227) Run in duplicate
Basis Weight (TAPPI T-410)
Caliper - 10 test (TAPPI T-411)
Apparent Density (TAPPI T-220)
Tensile - 10 test (TAPPI T-494)
* Stretch - 10 test (TAPPI-494) (Calculated as part of Tensile)
Smoothness (TAPPI T-538 or T-555)
Tear - 10 test (TAPPI T-414)
Burst - 10 test (TAPPI T-403)
Ash % - duplicate (TAPPI-403)
Cobb - 10 - 20 test (TAPPI T-441)


Handsheets formed plus 7
Test from beater curve performed
$150/sample (TAPPI or Noble & Wood)
$200/sample (Directional)                     

Ash %
(Texas Nuclear)

Optical Testing
Brightness (TAPPI-562)
Opacity (TAPPI-425)
Scattering Coefficient
Color (L, a, b, or other)
Eric 950 (de-inked pulp)


Fold (MIT or Schopper)
TAPPI (T-423 or T-511)
10 Test

Zero Span
10 Test

Scott Bond
10 Test

Hot or Cold pH
TAPPI (T-435 or T-509) Samples run in duplicate

Water Vapor Transmission Rate
Samples run in duplicate TAPPI T-448 and T-464


Dichloromethane Extraction
Samples run in duplicate

Somerville Screen Shive Test
(TAPPI Useful Method 242)

Small Particles

Surface Area (BET)
Particle Charge

STFI Compression

Creep Test
Available Soon

Pilot Paper Machine The paper machine is available for $150/hour with a minimum of 4 hours. Additional charges for stock preparation and cleanup would apply at the rate of $60/hour. 

Pilot Coater/Laminator The pilot coater/laminator is available for $310/hour, with a minimum of 4 hours. Additional charges for preparation and cleanup would apply at the rate of $60/hour. 

Additional Professional Services Additional professional services are available at the following rates:

Technician Time

Faculty Time

Sample ship to address:

Miami University Chemical, Paper Biomedical Engineering Department
Attention: Doug Hart
650 East High Street 64
Engineering Building Oxford, OH 45056
513-529-0778 513-529-0778