CSE 628 Advanced Simulation (3 credits)

Catalog description:

Advanced simulation topics, such as heuristic optimization techniques for simulation, and distributed simulation as well as classical techniques such as experimental design, variance reduction, and comparison of alternative designs. Students will embed some of these techniques in an object-oriented simulation program. The effectiveness of these techniques will be investigated in complex simulation models such queuing networks.


CSE 471/CSE 571 or equivalent. 

Course Objectives:

  • Describe the applicability and use advanced techniques of simulation to investigate solutions to problems in various domains.
  • Discuss and critique current research topics in simulation.
  • Use the object-oriented approach to design and implement simulation models.

Required Topics (approximate weeks allocated):

  • Review of simulation methodology (1)
  • Introduction of an object-oriented simulation program (2-3)
  • Classical techniques of simulation (2-4)
    • Comparison of alternative designs and selection of the best.
    • Variance reduction
    • Experimental Design
    • Validation and verification
  • Heuristic optimization for simulation (4)
    • Response surface method
    • Simulated annealing
    • Genetic algorithms
    • Others
  • Other simulation topics (1-3)
    • Introduction to distributed simulation
    • Continuous simulation modeling
  • Applications (2)
    • Queuing network
    • Manufacturing Systems
    • Computer Systems
  • Exams (1)