Female student wearing protective gear in lab

Computer Labs

Benton Hall has one large, general-use computing lab. It is open about 85 hours a week (8-12 M-H, 8-5 F, 12-5 Sat, 2-12 Sun). This lab is restricted to those taking CEC courses and provides access to software needed for coursework and student projects. Benton 016 has approximately 38 Windows computers.

The division attempts to replace 1/4 of these computer systems every year. With the exception of applications that integrate with specific hardware needs or have prohibitive licensing, the same image (and software) is run in all classrooms and labs.

Printing is provided as part of the University pay-for-print system. The lab includes black & white and color laser jet printing.

In addition to the general lab, the division supports several instructional labs/classrooms

  • Office Application Labs
    • Benton 001: 30 student stations
    • Benton 024: 30 student stations
  • Programming/Instruction Labs
    • Benton 002 &Benton 006
    • Each room has 28 workstations.
  • Special Projects Labs
    • Benton 008 - 16 workstations
    • Benton 010 - 18 Mac 
    • Benton 009 - Advanced Communications including video conferencing.CEC