James Van Kuren, Ph. D., P.E.

Portrait of Dr. James Van Kuren

Adjunct Professor

205Q Benton Hall
(513) 529-0770


  • Ph.D.—Aeronautical and Astronautic Engineering, The Ohio State University—1969.
  • M.S.—Management, Sloan Fellow, Stanford University—1980
  • B.S.—Mechanical Engineering-Aeronautical Option, Case Institute of Technology—1957.

Years of Service on this Faculty

  • Instructor/Visiting Professor, 2002–present

Related Experience

  • Adjunct Professor, The Ohio State University, Dept. of Aeronautical Engineering, Graduate level Aerothermochemistry, High Speed Viscous Flow 1992–1993.
  • Part time Instructor: Air Force Institute of Technology, Graduate Level Short Courses, Viscous Hypersonic Flow. 1970–1986.
  • Part time Instructor: Wright State University Continuing Education, Transonic Flow; 1970.
  • Part time Instructor: University of Dayton Engineering Evening Division, Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics; 1961–1962


  • Engineering Heat Transfer & Fluid Flow, Belcan Engineering, 1996–Present
  • Engineering Consultant & Adjunct Professor, Ohio State University, 1992–1995
  • Engineering Consultant, Aero-optical Phenomena, Rose Engineering & Research 1992–1999

Professional Registration

  • Ohio, P.E. Mechanical Engineering, Cert. #29786, June 1964

Principal Publications

  • Scruggs, B., Wissler, J., Van Kuren, J. T., and Rose, W., “Wind Tunnel Test of an Atmospheric Compensation and Tracking Window Splitter Plate for Airborne Laser Application”, AIAA Paper Number 94-2551, June 1994.
  • Van Kuren, J. T. and Thomas, John P. Jr., “Reduction of Unsteady Wind Torques on An Open Port Airborne Optical Turret”, NASA Conference Pub. 2121, April 1980, also AIAA Progress in Aeronautics, Number 80, 1982.
  • Van Kuren, J. T., Cudahy, G. F., and Wright, H. E., “Degradation of a Laser Beam by a Two-Dimensional Turbulent Jet”, AIAA Paper 78-821, April 1978, also AIAA Journal, Vol. 17, Number 10, October 1979.
  • Van Kuren, J. T. and Otten, L. J. III, “Artificial Thickening of Transonic Boundary Layers”, AIAA Paper 76-51, January 1976. Also presented at AIAA/AFWAL Mini-Symposium, 25 March 1976.
  • Van Kuren, J. T. and Otten, L. J. III, “Artificial Thickening of High Subsonic Mach Number Boundary Layers”, AIAA Journal, Vol. 14, Number 11, November 1976.
  • Van Kuren, J. T., Otten, L. J. III, Davis, J. A., and Kyrazis, D., “Acoustic Phenomena of Open Cavity Airborne Cassegrainian Telescopes”, AIAA Paper Number 74-195, January 1974.

Scientific and Professional Societies of which a Member

  • Past President, Engineers Foundation of Ohio & VP Ohio Society of Professional Engineers, NSPE
  • Trustee, Engineering and Science Hall of Fame.
  • National Management Association; initiated FTD Chapter, Past Executive Director.
  • American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Associate Fellow; Member of two National Technical Committees; Section Chairman, 1988; Dep. Dir. Tech., Region III, 1989–1993&1997–2001, Director Region III, 1994–1996.
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Member Cincinnati Board of Directors, 1999–2004.
  • Ohio Society of Professional Engineers, Cincinnati Chapter Board of Directors, 1994–Present.

Honors and Awards

  • Special Service Citation Marcy, 2007
  • Fellow, National Society of Professional Engineers, 2004
  • National Intelligence Certificate of Distinction, 1991 (Presented by CIA Director, William Webster).
  • Outstanding Career Service Award, 1991.
  • Ohio State University Distinguished Alumnus, 1991.
  • Federal Employee of the Year, S&E, 1991.
  • National Management Association Gold Knight of Management, 1988.
  • Civilian Meritorious Service Medal, 1988.
  • Sr. Executive Service Outstanding Ratings 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990.
  • Stanford Sloan Fellowship, 1979–1980.
  • AFFDL Senior Engineer/Scientist of the Year, 1978.
  • Affiliate Societies Council of Dayton, Outstanding Engineer, 1976.

Institutional and Professional Service


  • Supervised the growth of FTD threat support efforts from approximately $2.5 million to over $20 million.
  • Initiated and managed over one third of the intelligence community's scientific and technical working groups.
  • Member and acting Chairman of the Scientific and Technical Intelligence Committee.
  • Initiated coordination of Air Force technical intelligence efforts with AF Laboratory activities.
  • Initiated comprehensive training activities, such as NMA courses and TQM courses, as a means to improve quality.
  • Managed FTD reposturing of resources under Defense Management Review.
  • Developed AFSC Technology Major Thrusts.
  • Conducted experiments and developed redesigned configurations for B-1 bomber FLIR pod. Conducted full-scale canopy-off aerodynamics test of the F-16 multinational fighter. Directed exploratory developmental tests of the F-15 with fastpack pallets and optical turrets.
  • Special consultant to Laser Division, Air Force Weapons Laboratory, in the area of gasdynamic lasers applications.

Professional Development Activities

  • Attended the 43rd AIAA, ASME, SAE, ASEE Joint Propolsion Conference, July 2007
  • Attended the Dayton Aerospace Science Symposium March 2007 - Alternative Fuels Testing Laboratory
  • Dayton Aerospace Science Symposium March 2005 – A Perspective on Artificial Viscous Flows and Phenomenological Scaling
  • Engineers Foundation of Ohio Engineers' Leadership Institute Seminar
  • American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Deputy Director Training & Strategy Workshop
  • American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Regional Leadership Conference 1996-2002
  • Ohio Society of Professional Engineers Professional Development Seminars – 1999-2004