Interdisciplinary Majors

Our Alumni say...

The College of Engineering and Computer offered a diverse educational experience that helped me get a great job and provided me the tools I need to excel in the professional world. I am prepared to take on any challenge that arises in my career thanks to my Miami University.

Mike Eilers, Production Scheduler, GE Aviation

Class of 2006 - Major: Engineering Management - Environmental Engineering Specialty, Pollution Prevention, Supply Chain Management, Operations Management, Sustainable Development

Engineering Management

How far can an interest in business and engineering take you? Students who major in Engineering Management get to find out. By combining a business focus with an engineering management concentration of their choice, they prepare themselves to be the project manager or consultant who leads teams to develop exciting new products and designs.

General Engineering

Our General Engineering program provides a rigorous foundation in engineering concepts and problem-solving that prepares students for advanced work in a wide variety or fields such as law, business, and medicine.