Robot Canada

Canada skyline at night

Dr. Peter Jamieson is leading this exciting international workshop for Miami University students. They will travel from Oxford, Ohio to the Toronto - Quebec City corridor with stops in a number of Eastern Canadian cities including Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal, and two ski resorts (Tremblant and Mont Ste. Anne). While traveling, the workshop will focus on design experiences where students will complete EAS 102 and ECE 287 in which both courses focus on engineering design experiences.

The overall goal is to build a robot that can slalom/ski down a hill, while taking in consideration how cold climate impacts the design. To achieve this, students will learn about design methodologies; in particular, ECE 248 focuses on Agile Design methods.

In addition to the standard workshop curriculum, the participants will visit various engineering schools in each city and will interact with faculty and students from these programs. This will help illuminate the educational and engineering cultural differences. The group plans on visiting Canada’s Federal Parliament buildings, skating on the canal in Ottawa, watching some hockey, and eating poutine in Quebec. This, along with a number of French and English experiences, will provide participants with a feel for the differences between US and Canadian cultures.

You can follow the students’ travels and design work, as they will blog back to the US talking about their experiences and sending photos. The blogs will be posted here in the CEC Experience. Watch for their blogs in January.

Photo by Roman Dmitri.