Picture = 1000 Words for Emma Lipscomb

Group of students in a train station

This picture truly represents our study abroad trip to me. This picture was taken in a train station while we were traveling from Vienna, Austria to Graz, Austria. At first a few people decided that it would be nice to go sit down. This glass box had a non-smoking sign on one side of the door—a non-smoking rather than a smoking area is a new concept to most Americans but we embraced the idea and sat down. Then, we decided that it would be much more fun if we all sat down together or all stood around together.

This picture captures the fun that we all had as a group even when we were doing something as simple as waiting for a train. This picture symbolizes a team environment and team work. To me there is no project that would be done better alone and there is no reason not to stick with a good team for fun or for work. Through this trip we have lived, learned, and had fun together. We are the “A-Team.”

- Emma Lipscomb