Robot Canada's Final Run

Canada sunset

Captain’s Log:

Canada… When I thought of Canada before going on this study abroad program I thought it was going to be just like America but colder and better tasting maple syrup.

Now a month into this program I had my perspective of Canada all wrong. Canada is much different than the United States. Yeah there are cities and places that don’t feel like much of a difference like Toronto. Toronto felt like New York City but even then it had a different feeling. People here feel more relaxed than the United States. It might be the cold, but I think in general Canadians are nicer and willing to help if you need it. The biggest difference I felt when I was here was when we went to Montreal. Montreal was probably the coolest city we visited yet the most foreign. There was a huge language barrier here between English and French speaking people. In Quebec the language of choice is French which is weird because Ontario which is next to Quebec is English. I find it fascinating that one County can have province’s that speak different languages.

One big difference I found out, but did not realize it was, the food in Canada. The food is so good in Canada but a month into the trip I began missing American food. I think I miss it because in America we have all types of food like Asian, Italian, Spanish, French, etc but in America they’re mostly all Americanized, but in Canada all the food is very authentic. I had the best dumpling in Toronto, and in Montreal I had a smoked meat sandwich which was delicious. I never thought I would come out of my box and try all these different foods. One of Quebec’s famous food is, Poutine, which has fries, cheese curds and some type of special gravy. I wouldn’t think I would like it but it was wonderful.

Canada has been great to me throughout this trip and I am sure to come back and visit with some of my friends and show them my experience.