Robot Canada Finally Meets Robots

Student holding robot hand

We started the day touring Ottawa University’s campus.  We met with a few of Dr. Jamieson’s former professors and even some current graduate students at the university.  We saw some of the projects they were working on such as a camera that used gestures to control applications or games, and a robot that could mimic human facial expressions.

After the tour we had lunch, and then headed over to the canal.  At this point in the year the canal is completely frozen over and you can skate along it.  We went about 5 km and then turned around and came back.

On the way back we enjoyed some beaver tails, which are flat pastries covered in cinnamon and sugar with a little bit of lemon juice squeezed over top.

Dr Jamieson:

We went back to my undergraduate University to meet with Professor Ionescu and Professor Groza.  Both were kind enough to take us through the engineering labs and buildings.  Next, we went to the canal and skated for about an hour.  It was nice to see others experience one of the most unique things you can do in Ottawa.