Good Eats and Great Talks in Ontario

Students handling money at restaurant table

This post is brought to you by Jacob Havens

1/7/14 Kingston, Ontario

9:57 A.M. - Ben went to get medicine for his ear infection.  Wilson went to buy a new charger for his phone and the rest of us are having breakfast at Coffee and Company. 

11:00 A.M. - We are all back at the hotel working on our ECE 248 Modules.

Noon - Everyone is together to have lunch at The Sleepless Goat Café where we had a Blokus tournament and mind blowing talks over the universe of knowledge. 

1:10 P.M. - After a short walk around town, we are back to use today as a workday for our ECE 248 Modules.  Dr. Jamieson, Ben and Chad extended their walk to see the Queens University.  Whenever we would walk from place to place, we were faced with the horrors of iced sidewalks and slippery slopes.  At least we had a nice city to enjoy while we travelled!

6:30 P.M. - We all left for dinner at Sir. John’s Public House then came back to The Holliday Inn Waterfront to play a couple new games.  Two of the games were Martian Dice and Zombie Dice; both are “push your luck” games.  The third game we played was a traitor game call Resistance (the version we played was Resistance Avalon).  Players guess who is on their team in order to win the game.  The main goal in this game is to confuse the other team by convincing them a players loyalty is questionable and using that to your advantage.  

10:00 P.M. - Dr. Jamieson grabbed his skates and headed out to the ice rink as Ben and Jacob went out back to the frozen over ice rink to play a little ice hockey before returning to their work with the rest of the group.  

We can’t wait to head out to Ottawa tomorrow!

Love & Honor

Dr. Jamieson: Today we saw Kingston in very cold weather.  This meant we moved a small amount outside other than a few visits to restaurants and a quick look at the University.  Personally, I got my first skate of the trip in.  I plan on skating the canal a few times.