Inside Toronto

Group standing outside dumpling house

Today’s post is brought to you by Chad Barth (third from right).

Today, January 3rd, was our first full day in Toronto. From most places in the city, you can look up and see the CN tower protruding out over the rest of the skyline. Finished in 1975, the CN tower stands 1815 feet high.

We visited the Engineering department at the University of Toronto and met with Professor Jonathan Rose. He demonstrated a mobile app that him and his students were currently developing to help people recover from ankle injuries. He also showed us some other gadgets and showed us around the department.

We ate lunch at The Dumpling House with Dr. Jamieson’s friend Jason Luu, a former classmate of Jamieson and a current graduate student at The University of Toronto.

We finished the day playing board games back at the hotel and learned new board game concepts that we could incorporate into our own games that we will be designing during our trip.

Dr. Jamieson:

On our first day in Toronto it was very cold. We used the streetcar and subway to get around the city. Jonathan Rose (my Ph.d. adviser) met with us at the University of Toronto to take us around the electrical engineering department. Next, we had lunch in China town and saw Kensington market (a local food and goods market hidden in the center of the city). We did some work during the afternoon and then headed to a neighborhood called The Annex for dinner. Today was a good start for the trip after a long day of travel.