Picture = 1000 Words for Jared Coffin

Fortress Hohensalzburg in Salzburg

This picture taken in Salzburg defines the trip for me in several ways. First in this picture at the top of the hill there is Fortress Hohensalzburg, which is a perfect example of the historical sites that we saw on our trip. This Fortress had a mixture of extravagant rooms and practical rooms which made it a nice mixture of the other fortresses and castles we saw. These sights that were a thousand or more years old were amazing since in America sites are a mere 400 years old.

I thought that this angle of the fortress was the best because it captured the man on the golden sphere in the foreground. I think the man is supposed to represent a traveler overlooking the world, which is represented by the sphere. I connected with this while on the trip because sometimes while at sites I just had to stand and stare like him.

This picture also captures the beauty that we saw everyday. It seems like everywhere we would go there were either clear skies or soft fluffy clouds. The clear sky and hill that the Fortress is on bring out this beauty.

Salzburg was a major player in the salt industry, which mirrored the paper industry we saw. This Fortress was like the paper mill of the salt industry. Just like the paper mills we saw everything was organized, clean and well planned. Since the infrastructure and cities are so much older in Europe they have had more time to plan and organize both their paper mills and cites. It was apparent while visiting that they cared about aesthetics, organization and efficiency.

- Jared Coffin