Picture = 1000 Words for Katharine Cullen

Mountains with low hanging clouds.

For me, this image captures the three most important aspects of our trip into one. The location of the photograph is atop a calcium carbonate mine in Gummern, representing the technical aspect of our trip. Although we spent many days in the classroom learning, the technical content came to life for me during the various mill tours. This mill tour in particular was a group favorite due to the beauty of it and being able to see the TNT explosion.

The mountains off in the distance represent the memories we made outside the classroom having fun as a group; as for many of us the favorite non-technical activity was the skiing trip in the mountains of Katschberg.

And last but not least, this picture captures the beauty of our surroundings during our time abroad. This undeniably proves the unique opportunity and advantage we were given by not just taking six credits in a classroom back home, but rather experiencing the material learned in a number of beautiful countries.

- Katharine Cullen