Picture = 1000 Words for Katy Buonpane

Arches overlooking cloudy mountains.

This is my favorite picture that I took on the trip. It was taken in Germany at Neuschwanstein Castle. I think the reason this picture I so important to me is because it represents that I got to experience things on this trip that I have want to go to or see my entire life, especially this castle in particular.

I have wanted to go to the “real sleeping beauty castle” all my life. I have always loved Walt Disney and looked up to him and now I will be doing an Internship at Walt Disney world so to see something that inspired Walt in real life was amazing to me and something I thought I would never get the chance to do.

I also love this picture because it shows how beautiful the German and Austrian mountains are in the winter time and part of why our trip was so amazing was that we got to see and experience all of those landscapes.

- Katy Buonpane