Last Words: 'I never thought I'd do some of the things I've done on this trip.'

Students hanging out in a living room

Final Word

Today the started early for four of the gang of seven, they went to the slopes while the rest of the crew went to work the robot and modules. But I’d like to review over my time with the gang of seven throughout this trip.

Looking at Canada, and how it’s different from U.S.A.., it’s a lot more causal on what we from the U.S.A. consider impolite or wrong. Also its view on social respect to strangers is very different. Everyone is friendlier about saying sorry when bumping into people or tipping people at restaurants, etc. But looking over the trip as a whole, I never thought I would be able to do some of the things that I’ve done. I thought I’d never be able to see so many stars in all my life. I thought I would never see a more diverse group of people come together to work on an incredibly awesome project. I thought I would never leave the country until I was out of college. But all of those thoughts came true; I just can’t wait to go on my next adventure with Miami University.