Picture = 1000 Words for Leah Fisher

Austria study abroad group after skiing.

I believe that this picture, taken before we left Katschberg, after a day of skiing, really captures my whole experience abroad. In the front is our ski instructor, Dominick, who went above and beyond to make sure that we had an amazing time skiing and even hung out with us when he wasn’t at work. In the back are some of our TU Graz grad students that we became good friends with while on our trip, who were a bog part of why we all enjoyed Austria so much.

I think this captures our skiing trip really well as well as the entire trip because everyone was more than willing to help each other out when we were learning how to ski, and encouraging those who were struggling. This also carried over in our papermaking and coatings classes by how everyone was eager to help those that didn’t fully understand class concepts.

While most of us wanted to push ourselves further, there wasn’t a sense of competition, we wanted the group to succeed, which made this such an awesome experience. 

- Leah Fisher