Picture = 1000 Words for Lindsey Berning

Paper dryer

This picture to me describes the entire J-mester workshop. To me this shows the way they used to dry paper.  Even though, heated driers have the same purpose and end goal as the picture above, the technique is very different. I witnessed a lot of mills in Europe to be very different, not only from each other but also to paper mills in the United States.

We saw mills using the stone groundwood process and from what we have learned, not many companies would use this process based on their knowledge of mechanical pulp. Not only were the paper mills different, but the culture and values in Europe differ greatly from what I am accustomed to. From the tours of Fabriano and the conservation workshops in Vienna and Munich, I see their passion in paper.

This workshop has shown many all aspects of paper; from the calcium carbonate of a surface mine to the restoration of books and paintings from the 13th century.

- Lindsey Berning