Memories for a Lifetime

Snowy town and church steeple

I have had a lot of fun on this study abroad program. From trying out different types of food to snowboarding down Mont Tremblant, it was just full of new and interesting things.

I was extremely pleased with having the privilege and opportunity to practice speaking and reading French while I was in the upper French speaking areas of Ontario. While I may not have totally enjoyed the long car trip to and from Canada, I was able to experience for the first time how it is to ride in subway trams and on trains to travel around the city or to go across the country.

It can definitely be noted that I was in the company of interesting people with varying backgrounds and personalities on this trip and I feel honored getting to know them. While I am deeply sadden with the termination of our trip, I carry with me memories for a lifetime and good times to look back on and enjoy.