No Lines, No Problem

Group in front of a castle

January 10th


Today was our last day in Ottawa, and we spent it well! We toured Parliament hill in downtown Ottawa, and then had the rest of the day to work on finishing the first board game prototypes to be presented that night.

For dinner we had our first “home cooked” meal (en-suite) of noodles, Prego, and shredded cheese, provided by Ben and Jacob, followed by a questionably inventive banana bread from Chad. 

After dinner, we demonstrated our games. Our group discovered that the challenge in multi-tiered game design is how to provide opportunities for the players to use strategy, while still leaving enough chance to keep the game interesting. We were advised to work on solidifying the overall structure of the game first, and then worry about balancing the mathematics.

Tomorrow we leave for Montreal!

Professor Jamieson: One benefit of visiting Ottawa beyond the canal is that there are no lines anywhere. Our visit to the parliament buildings meant we walked in, had a tour, and got to go to the top of the Peace Tower with no lines.  I’ve, actually, never been to the top since lines are so long. After some class work tonight, we’ll be off to Quebec and enter french Canada.