Ontario Science Centre

Group at the science center

Today’s post is brought to you by Wilson Bailey (third from left).

The day started off bright and early when the crew of seven awoke. Grabbing coffee, mocha’s, or some hot coco, they walked to the subway system to head to the Ontario Science Center for the FIRST robotics kickoff./p>

Everyone enjoyed the event, and it allowed two of the crew, Ciera and Alex, to explain what FIRST was and show us how it worked. After the telecom, our curious engineering minds wandered through various parts of the center to play with the experiments and participate on stage in a live science show. We left the museum and grabbed lunch in Greek-town.   

Then, some of the crew returned to the hotel and others went to the downtown area and looked around. When it was time to get dinner the crew enjoyed a night out on the town to enjoy Hockey Night in Canada, which is an every week event during the NHL season. It’s much like Sunday or Monday Night Football for us Americans. 

We went to a delicious wings joint called St. Louis. We all sat down with a bundle of hot or mild wings and dug in while we watched some great hockey and even football games. After that, we went back to the hotel and relaxed after a long and fun day.

Looking back on today I’ve personally noticed how quickly we’ve adapted to some aspects of Canadian social norms. Such as saying “thank you” more often, or saying “sorry” for accidentally getting into someone’s way or for bumping into someone. It makes me smile to think about fun and exciting times ahead for our trip.

Dr. Jamieson: 

Day 3 was interesting since we got to see some high school groups and their robotics program.  The Greek souvlaki at Astoria was amazing and the wings were excellent.  Unfortunately, the Maple Leafs got beat 7-1 on the night.  Even with all these events, the students are progressing in their courses, and tomorrow will be spent mostly working with a few events.