Slopes and Circuits

View from the top of the slope - snowy hill

January 16th


Today was our first full day in Mont-Tremblant. Most of us got up early to hit the slopes and get in a full day of skiing. We have a variety of skill levels in our group, but everyone seemed to have a good time and challenged themselves on the mountain.

Everyone was finished skiing around 4 o’clock when the lifts shut down, and we headed back to the condo. We made tacos for ourselves, but we lacked ingredients, so we ended up with unflavored ground beef and cheese. It was a good thing we were hungry.

After dinner, we, actually, built a prototype of our robot and tested it in the snow. The motor and wheel worked, and now, we can proceed to build the robot based on this design.

Professor Jamieson’s comment: Tremblant has been built up since I was here last.  The resort is significantly larger than what I remember. The next ten days should be comfortable.