Snowy Road to Canada

Group of students on the trip pose and smile

Today’s post is brought to you by Ben Jackson (far right).

We started our journey around 10 AM, January 2nd, with the storm already half way through. There was around three inches of snow on the ground making roads wet and icy. We all filled in the van with two nice ladies driving us to Toronto where our study abroad trip would start.

With the roads being a complete mess, we drove slowly. We thought other people who didn’t know what they were doing would soon slip off the side of the road…Later, three semi trucks jacked knifed in less than a mile of each other, which was one of the scarier parts of the journey to Toronto. 

With all the extra time we had we started to get to know each other and memorized each other’s names was great because these people will be with me for the whole three weeks. Everyone is a little different and has something new to bring to the table when we start our project. The car ride took almost 13 hours but was worth it when we got to our hotel.

Dr. Peter Jamieson:

We made it to Toronto with the great driving of Oxford Limousine.  We are in downtown Toronto and saw the city at night on our drive in.  After a quick arrival orientation to safety and Canadian culture we went to bed to prepare for our first day in the city.