Work, Fun, and Eating

Town lit up with Christmas lights at night

January 17, 2014

We are three days into Tremblant, and we’re ready to have a solid workday. Some people chose to go to the top of the mountain for studious serenity, only to find that there was no Wi-Fi. They compensated by having a nice lunch at the peak. The rest of us stayed at home, choosing not to brave the cold.  

The afternoon was pleasant and productive, with lots of progress on the robot and group board games. We went out for dinner, with a choice between The Shack and La Forge, popular sports bars. After dinner, we wandered around the village, making maple syrup taffy, trying crepes, and of course ending with a beavertail. 

Peter: This pattern will continue for the next week.  Other than work, fun, and eating we’re at Tremblant for most of the remainder of the trip.  For more details, you can look at: