Engineers Without Borders Seeks to Make Impact with Miami CEC

What is EWB? Short for Engineers Without Borders, EWB is a national nonprofit organization that is passionate about improving the quality of life for communities in developing countries. EWB focuses on creating community-driven development programs that support the basic needs of developing communities. 

Projects often involve water supply, sanitation, energy, agriculture, civil works, structures and information systems. Our professional and student chapters partner with international communities, making a five-year commitment and ensuring sustainability of our projects, empowerment of our partners, and development of our engineering and non-engineering majors.

Currently, EWB-USA is working in 47 countries, working with 389 communities, and making five-year commitments to every one of them.

People examining a mapThis past semester, six members of EWB-Miami traveled for the third time to Chaguarpamba, Ecuador, where we have been working on a water supply project. Over the past two years, we have worked with the community of Chaguarpamba to develop a sustainable solution to sanitize the community’s water supply. After assessing the water quality, implementing a disinfectant solution, and providing a solution to improve water availability during the community’s dry season, our current project with Chaguarpamba focuses on creating a map of the system for the municipality to ensure sustainability.

Ecuador project manager Melanie Bukovec works with translator Andrew Velez, professional mentor Dave Matthews, and local Ecuadorian engineer on creating a map and hydraulic model so that the community of Chaguarpamba can sustain their water system without nonprofit assistance in the future.