Engineers Without Borders Returns to Ecuador in August

Sign that reads 'Chaguarpamba'

This spring, EWB-Miami was awarded 2013-2014 Service Organization of the Year at Miami University.  We were recognized as such due to our international and domestic involvement, chapter growth, and member engagement on Miami’s campus. This award has served as inspiration to propel our organization even further this upcoming year, and our chapter is looking forward to our second international trip of the year, planned for August 2014.

In August, two EWB-Miami members and two professional members plan to travel to Chaguarpamba, Ecuador to finalize mapping and hydraulic modeling of the community’s water system as well as train the community engineers on how to utilize the resources. We believe that this trip will ensure sustainability of our international program with Chaguarpamba.

EWB-Miami looks forward to being greeted by the Chaguarpamba sign for the second time this year as they drive into the community from Loja, Ecuador, where the travel team’s flight will land.