Weekend Excursion to Amalfi Coast

Students laughing on a boat on the Amalfi Coast

We had one free weekend during the workshop when we could explore nearby sites of our choice. We decided to go together on a trip to the beautiful Amalfi Coast. 

On the first day of our Amalfi Coast excursion, our group got to tour the island of Capri. We started the day with a boat tour around the island where we were able to swim in some of the caves and see some of the beautiful houses of the island. 

After the tour, we walked to the upper levels of Capri for lunch and sightseeing. We took a lift to the top of the island which had a wonderful view.

Our group was able to sit out and relax at a nice restaurant and enjoy the great weather and awesome company. After that we headed back into town for a bit of shopping and a quick stop by the beach before we took a ferry back to our hotel for the evening.

Later that evening we all went out to an amazing little restaurant that our tour guides recommended to us. We all got different foods so that we could switch and try a little bit of everything including some great pasta and calamari. The whole trip was a great bonding experience for our group as we got to travel and see Italy all on our own.

This post authored by Trevor Ahbe, Jackson Coulter, and Kyle Strauss.