Class on the Beach in Italy

Students hanging out on the beach at sunset

Our group of seven had class on the beach at Paola (Calabria, Italy). We got to sit on the beach during the sunset and discuss the problem of slow violence on our environment, to which people around the world are contributing.*

* “Slow violence” is a concept introduced by Rob Nixon and refers to violence that cannot be easily perceived because it is not immediate but gradual, not spectacular but invisible. It is environmental degradation that affects disproportionately populations that do not benefit economically from this degradation.

We also had dinner at a nice pizza restaurant and learned the cultural differences in which it is rude to get up and leave right after eating your food. It is polite to wait and enjoy our company and the restaurant. 

Before coming to Italy we did not believe we would be enjoying it here as much as we are. To get to see the cultural differences and enjoy our classes has been amazing and the bonding time has been amazing for all of us.

Class is over for the day, but the enjoyment of the beach is not!

This blog is authored by Jackson Coulter, Kyle Strauss, and Trevor Ahbe