Day Trip to Cosenza

Group sitting in town of Cosenza.

Today we went on our first day trip to the city of Cosenza. While there, we were exposed to the city’s rich history, seeing the modernized city and how it mixed with its older roots. Starting out, we took a walk down the city’s main square, which had art on display from around the world. 

From there we got to see the city’s older buildings from churches to government buildings. Each structure had a story to tell and they were all beautiful. 

After that, we made a stop at a local restaurant to get lunch. Food was plentiful:  breaded potatoes, sheep cheese, wild boar meat pasta, salami, prosciutto, and so much more. Delizioso. 

The last place we visited was a former prison from the middle ages, which had been converted into a museum for medieval and modern art. The medieval side, predictably, had a huge amount of religious iconography. Not all of it was Christian though, some was Greco roman. The modern side had a few Italian modern artists, with the most prominent in my mind being an artist who created bright and loud colored paintings, with very subtle images of people in them. 

This post authored by Brandon Sonoda and Andrew Zirkle.