Italy Study Abroad Students in Rome

Fontana di Trevi

When our planes landed, we met by the baggage claim so we could travel into Rome together. We took a train to the central part of Rome and wandered around for a while searching for Dream Station, the bed and breakfast that we booked. We finally discovered it right across the train station and went inside to settle in and take a short siesta. The room we picked was called the Green Room and it was decorated with a modern and hip style. At night, we could see many white doves flying above the building.

We the hit the streets of Rome and started to explore. The first destination we arrived at was the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (Altare della Patria). It was beautiful. In front of the massive structure there were Italian soldiers in place, guarding the tomb. There also were a few museums and churches attached that we walked through. We witnessed a wedding happening in one of them too! There were tremendous sights of the city when we were up higher in the structure. We spent about an hour exploring this ancient memorial and then headed off to see more of Rome!

Another attraction that we saw was the Fontana di Trevi. This beautiful fountain had elaborate design with various statues and columns. People were gathered all around sitting down, taking pictures, and throwing coins in the fountain. Some may recognize this site because it was featured in The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

This post was authored by Kasey Schumacher and Tina Fowler who are participating in the Italy Study Abroad program.