Knowledge Representation in Italy

Back of students learning in classroom

This morning we learned about Knowledge Representation using the programming language Answer Set Prolog (ASP). Using ASP, we are able to model the relationships between different objects and, using rules that we create, infer more relationships between those objects.

For example, we were able to accurately model a family tree and infer the familial relations between people based upon the initial information that we provided to the knowledge base. Our final project for the class was to model a knowledge base using ASP that could infer relationships between these objects or solve a planning problem.

One thing that really made the class interesting for us was the inclusion of a week-long guest teacher. Our guest teacher, Francesco Ricca, is an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Calabria who specializes in Logic Programming and ASP. Through his teaching the class, we were able to experience the difference between the American style of college classes and the Italian style as well as getting hands-on experience with an expert in our field of study.

This post authored by Jackson Coulter and Kyle Strauss