Leadership in Sustainability Class

Students standing in front of a lake with mountains in the background

Students walking on a trail in a forest

One of the courses that we take here in Calabria is called Leadership in Sustainability. We discuss a variety of concepts such as slow violence, slow food, degrowth, and consumerism. A majority of the class revolves around group discussions, so it is interesting to hear everyone’s different opinions. Each group discussion is led by students, which allows us to develop leadership skills. 

For class, one day, we went to the Sila National Park, which is located in the mountains. We were taken on a tour in which we walked around the park looking at different flora and fauna. We learned about the importance of minimal interference with nature and letting nature heal itself. After our tour, we had a picnic by the lake where we had our group discussion for the day. Later, we went to a different part of the park and saw 400 year old trees that were really tall.

During the class, we have also been working on a final project in which we select an environmental issue that we are interested in and research innovations and technologies to improve the problem. Some of the topics include fracking, excessive car usage, cigarettes, and microwave ovens. By the end of the month, we will have each composed a paper about our research and our opinions on how to solve our selected issues.

This post authored by Tina Fowler and Kasey Schumacher