Meeting the President of the University of Calabria

Group of students holding Miami flag with he president.

Our summer study abroad workshop is the first American program of this type to take place at University of Calabria (UniCal). UniCal officials are extremely happy about the new collaboration opportunity that we are opening and wanted to meet our students and faculty. On June 6th, we met the President of University of Calabria, Gino Mirocle Crisci (center right).

Other UniCal representatives that appear in this picture (from left to right) are Dr. Gianpiero Barbuto, Director of the International Relations Office; Prof. Guerino D’Ignazio who has a Master’s degree in Political Science from Ohio University and was happy to learn that we were coming from an Ohio university as well; and Prof. Luigi Filice, Director of the Residential Center.

The workshop students who had the pleasure of meeting the President of UniCal are (from left to right): Jackson Coulter, Andrew Zirkle, Kasey Schumacher (from OSU), and Tina Fowler.

This post was authored by Daniela Inclezan, assistant professor of computer science and software engineering, who is leading the Italian Study Abroad program.